Data Management

By taking a holistic view of how data is managed, we help our clients gain more business value for data as well as keeping cost under control as data sets continue to grow.

Today’s data growth rate, data availability requirements and shrinking RTO/RPO add cost and complexity to an organization’s data protection strategy. Data protection has been our focus since 1991 and Eagle has helped hundreds of companies build a better backup plan. We assist customers in identifying critical data and managing protection appropriately, with solutions that are application-aware and cloud-ready to support current and future business needs.

In addition, we can securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud-reducing cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and scalability with Eagle Cloud Solutions and Managed Services.

A well-thought-out archiving strategy can help reduce storage costs and maintain better application efficiencies. Key business applications like email systems require archiving to maintain a level of performance, security, and reliability. Eagle implements archive solutions that address all datasets and applications that are critical to the business while working in concert with other data management processes such as backup, E-discovery, and reporting — all as part of a full life-cycle management strategy.

Every day organizations are faced with increasing regulation and litigation. At Eagle, our overall data management strategy is to build in key compliance tools with our data management solutions. Data needs to be protected, archived and discovered, so including data compliance is a natural progression for a modern data management strategy. Datasets such as email, file, and edge all need to be controlled in order to stay compliant with many of today’s regulations. For industries without regulatory constraints, the ability to provide documents in the case of litigation is also key. Companies can no longer afford to piece together a solution. With compliance strategies, one size does not fit all. Leveraging experts like Eagle can save you time and money.

How long can your company survive without its data? Would your business continuity plan be able to meet the needs of the organization to ensure continued success? These are questions all IT managers should be asking. Eagle has decades of experience in helping clients build better plans in the event of an outage or disaster. When your organization’s continuity solution is based on a strong data management strategy, DR and business continuity planning become much easier to manage. Your business needs are unique, so it’s important to engage with the experts like Eagle Technologies to make sure all plans are reliable, easy to maintain and cost-effective.

One of today’s biggest challenges is sorting through the sheer quantity of data to find and produce requested documents in a timely manner. When an IT department is caught off-guard by a lawsuit or internal investigation, it needs to act quickly. End users, HR, and legal teams all require more access to their data, which makes e-Discovery a key tool for many organizations.

Eagle can help automate and optimize an E-discovery strategy by developing customizable solutions with the ability to discover, put data on hold, maintain a chain of custody and provide built-in reporting all in a single, easy-to-manage solution.

Companies today generate a massive amount of data files, most of which contain unstructured data in the form of emails, documents, and digital media. This exponential growth of unstructured data common to many corporate environments has been given a name: “Big Data.”

Data Analytics allows you to view statistical information about the unstructured, Big Data in your environment, such as files and emails. With this information, you can quickly assess the current state of your Big Data, take actionable steps to retrieve valuable storage space, and mitigate the risk of compliance-related issues. Eagle can help you integrate tools and customize your environment to support and automate the simple generation of analytics within your infrastructure.

Some data because of business value, compliance or regulatory reasons have a “must retain and validate” requirement. Ensuring data retains a creation date and has not been lost or modified can be an absolute requirement of some datasets. Legacy solutions fall short of today’s growth and complex requirements. Secure archive solutions should offer a level of protection that will meet or exceed most business and regulatory requirements. Secure archive requirements for today’s business needs must stay in step with the changing technologies.

Let Eagle help apply some best practice philosophies to your secure archiving needs.

Need Someone To Take The Lead On Compliance?

Need Someone To Take The Lead On Compliance?

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Before we propose a technology, our engineers have done extensive due diligence to make sure a technology is fit for our line card. This means we’ve identified, evaluated, trained, and are certified on the solution, and run it in our own lab before it ends up in a customer’s datacenter.