"What's unique about our product offerings is that we're diligent about offering best-of-breed datacenter solutions. Our engineering team is dedicated to researching new products and implementing those into our lab environment before a solution is ever recommended to a customer. Once we identify products that meet our expectations, we run them in our lab, gain certifications, and learn how to integrate them for optimum results."

Dave Hiechel President/CEO, Eagle Technologies


Data Management


OUR PHILOSOPHY: "At Eagle, we believe that your new storage solution should not
cause disruptive forklift upgrades to your existing infrastructure, or painful expansions down-the-road. We carefully choose hardware and software solutions that offer flexibility and efficiency, as well as performance and reliability."

Brian Anderson Senior Systems Engineer, Eagle Technologies




Long Term
OUR PHILOSOPHY: "At Eagle, we think in terms of managing data as a whole.
Concepts like data protection, data value over time, data integrity, data accessibility
and storage tiering must be considered as part of a data management strategy.
Eagle has researched and found solutions that meet today's data management needs.
Taking a holistic view of how data is managed, helps our clients gain more business value
for data as well as keeping cost under control as data sets continue to grow."

Dave Hiechel President/CEO, Eagle Technologies






OUR PHILOSOPHY: "At Eagle, we always believe in doing what is best for the customer.
When it comes to virtualization, each environment and situation is unique. We take the
time to understand the current environment as well as the long-term goal,to
recommend and implement the right sized solution.

Virtualization as a whole is obviously mainstream and here to stay, but aspects of virtualization are constantly changing and adapting with business and technology needs. With organizations always trying to do more with less, it is important to align yourself with a trusted partner who can be a solid resource for virtualization best practices."

Anthony Schweitzer Systems Engineer, Eagle Technologies



OUR PHILOSOPHY: "Today there's an inflection point in IT; organizations are less apt
to build disaster recovery sites and often even primary data centers. Organizations are looking to others to manage the infrastructure behind their business critical applications and backups.
To fill this need, Eagle has a suite of cloud offerings that help facilitate those goals.
Whether you are hosting data on our enterprise-class hardware, or leveraging
our core infrastructure to host your own dedicated hardware, Eagle has built solutions
that are designed to fulfill all of the modern requirements of the data center.
We also provide customers with solutions that have consumable and predictable costs.
Simply put, Eagle does not believe in hidden fees, or complicated cost models."

Brian Anderson Senior Systems Engineer, Eagle Technologies





Eagle Cloud

"The goal of our professional services is to help customers
align business goals and IT resources. Our customers are managing complex datacenters,
strapped by budgets and challenged by changing demands. Our philosophy as a
professional services team is to simplify the process and make all the pieces fit.
We provide expert guidance – with analysis, discovery, planning and implementation –
to provide customers with solutions and tools for an optimized datacenter."

Andy Kratzer CTO, Eagle Technologies



EagleWatch Monitoring
OUR PHILOSOPHY: "Today's IT professionals are challenged with exploding data growth,
increases in business requirements, a need for more efficient data management tools and
shrinking budgets. At Eagle we believe in empowering our customers with tools that will help
them identify data performance, usage patterns, and growth. Based on our findings, we provide
recommendations and available options to maximize the efficiency of our customer's storage and
backup systems, and help orchestrate a plan to maximize their performance and efficiency."

Dave Hiechel President/CEO, Eagle Technologies



DR Planning


Eagle Recon
OUR PHILOSOPHY: "With Eagle's solution integration, customers are supported by engineers
who have countless deployments of our datacenter solutions. From know-how
to streamline every step of the process, to project planning and provisioning;
you can be confident that your hardware devices and software are configured for
full scalability, performance and reliability, right from the start."

Dale Swindler Systems Engineer, Eagle Technologies

OUR PHILOSOPHY: "Our EagleWatch support team diligently monitors customer systems
analyzing daily reports and critical alerts to troubleshoot problems and address support issues.
Our techs are certified and trained to be up to date on every technology we support.
We provide value as a single point of contact for a customer's support needs.
Keeping our customers up and running and happy is our top priority."

Casey Knudson Support Engineer, Eagle Technologies

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Eagle Technologies Announces Partnership with Kansas Bankers Technology to Provide Data Protection for Local and Regional Banks

Eagle Technologies™ and Kansas Bankers Technologies, LLC have launched a partnership to provide comprehensive data protection services specifically designed for local and regional financial institutions. The solution leverages Eagle’s data protection expertise along with Eagle’s cloud data center in Lenexa, Kansas. Read More

Eagle Technologies Partners with Insite Data Services

Eagle Technologies has partnered with Insite Data Services to implement an upgrade to their data center infrastructure. This upgrade, which powers Insite Data Services’ hosted banking solutions, will improve user experiences and allow them to better support their growing customer base. Read More

Eagle Cloud is Now Available

Eagle Technologies is now offering a suite of cloud solutions for data protection in the Eagle Cloud. Eagle Cloud offers several core solutions including: Backup, DASH, Replication and Compliance as a Service. Read More

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From our start in 1981, Eagle has evolved from a software development company to an industry leading value added reseller. Today, Eagle offers products, services and support to provide our customers with the tools they need to meet their data center needs. Our areas of expertise include storage, data protection, data management, virtualization, archive and compliance and cloud services. With our laser focus on data center technologies, Eagle is now proud to be called "Eagle Technologies". Our business spans four decades, nearly a thousand customers and we're excited to introduce a new era of "making technology easy" for our customers.


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