Eagle Recon is an automated process and integrated service that accurately analyzes storage activity, total amount of data, and types of computing specific to your datacenter environment. The results are the specifications for a properly sized solution that meets your current computing needs and allows for future growth.

Simplified Server Discovery

Eagle Recon first queries the domain for a full and accurate server count. Systems can be included or omitted once discovery is complete to allow for fine tuning. This query includes specific server information including:

  • Server identification information
  • System information such as CPU, RAM, Phy, Virtual, etc.
  • System storage information such as drive count, capacity and utilization

Full-Featured Analysis

Next, Eagle Recon analyzes the compiled server information and I/O activity:

  • Reports server IOPS and bandwidth requirements per drive
  • Shows I/O history to the drive level based on the collection time
  • Analyzes the types of I/O that will affect storage performance
  • Predicts performance and available capacities at different RAID levels

When complete, Eagle Recon provides graphical and statistical reporting which is evaluated along with additional computing criteria specific to the datacenter (RAID sets, snapshots, key applications and future growth) to determine the right storage fit for your business needs. Eagle Recon gives you the peace of mind that your storage solution is accurately sized.