When Your Organization has a Need for Speed?

The organization’s current solution was outdated and couldn’t handle the growing computing demands of their business.


  • Existing storage solution was lagging. The customer needed higher I/O and lower latencies.
  • The customer needed to replicate backup data to DR site.
  • There was a demand for more capacity and smaller snapshots for replication.
  • Because of the demands of their business they needed a solid, proven solution.


To better understand the customer’s challenges, Eagle provided an assessment of their current storage environment with Eagle Recon Services. After analyzing the data from the assessment, Eagle proposed a Nimble Storage solution to the customer, and installed an evaluation array for the customer to test in their environment. Testing the solution for a period of time allowed the customer to become comfortable with Nimble’s performance in handling their datacenter needs. Once the complete solution was integrated, Eagle also set up scheduled snapshots to augment their current backup strategy. To complete this solution, Eagle also implemented Eagle Watch level-1 support which provides first level support for their backup environment directly through Eagle’s support team.


  • Nimble solution delivered lower latencies and faster I/O’s across the board.
  • Customer is able to replicate data to the DR over the existing pipe in a timely fashion.
  • Customer was able to integrate snapshot to augment backup strategy.
  • Customer has one point of contact for storage and backup support issues.

Who We Work With

Before we propose a technology, our engineers have done extensive due diligence to make sure a technology is fit for our line card. This means we’ve identified, evaluated, trained, and are certified on the solution, and run it in our own lab before it ends up in a customer’s datacenter.