Eagle provides Industry-leading solutions for delivering your valuable data and powering business-critical applications. In addition, we leverage our expertise to help organizations to identify and categorize data, ensuring that SLA’s are met and data is secure and deliverable. Learn more about your storage performance needs with our Storage Assessment Services.

A smart archiving strategy helps organizations manage risk and compliance while also controlling costs and data sprawl. Eagle architects cost-effective archive strategies that provide for fast and simple access to archive data. Best practices include the ability to meet security and compliance requirements along with the flexibility to host data locally or in the cloud.

At Eagle, we consider each customer’s unique compliance requirements to build solutions that offer integrity, protection, privacy, security, and availability. These solutions also provide optimization of unstructured data and leverage the value of metadata for datasets that can reside on-premise or in the cloud.

Eagle helps companies develop deep archive solutions that recognize your growing capacity and retention requirements. We balance cost with availability concerns, while helping customers develop strategies to identify and classify their data.

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