3 Simple Steps to the Eagle Cloud

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Identify your data

Identify your most critical data sets with the assistance of Eagle's Commvault experts.

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Connect to the Eagle Cloud

Eagle will help you setup a new Commvault plan to protect your critical data.

A new Eagle Cloud library will be created for you.

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Schedule It

Schedule when you want your data to move to Eagle's Cloud.

Why Choose Eagle's Cloud for your most critical data?

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Onboarding, monitoring and maintenance is performed by Eagle's dedicated Commvault Experts.

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All data is encrypted before leaving your location, transmitted securely and stored via distributed objects inside Eagle’s resilient datacenter.

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In case of a data recovery event, an Eagle appliance can be provided to simplify the restore process.

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As the Midwest’s premier Commvault partner, with extensive cloud backup and recovery experience, you can be confident your data is secure in Eagle’s cloud.

Q & A

How is my data stored?

Your data is stored across multiple S3 nodes in the Eagle Cloud. Objects are protected with erasure coding, which prevents the loss of data from multiple node failures. In addition, objects are checked for consistency periodically and during each read.

How is my data transmitted to the Cloud?

Data is transmitted over the S3 protocol (via HTTP/HTTPS). Before sending any data to the Eagle Cloud, Commvault encrypts the data using AES-256 (or may preserve the encryption mode in the source copy). Eagle ensures that your data is already encrypted before it leaves your site.

How am I protected from ransomware?

By keeping your valuable data in the cloud, it’s out of ransomware's reach. Proactively archiving your important data in the Cloud, allows you to reduce the chances of an on-site ransomware attack encrypting your local archives in addition to personal computers.

How is my data protected after 90 days?

Thirty days before your trial is up, your Eagle sales representative will be in touch to discuss the next steps. If you decide not to move forward with these services, the data will be securely erased when the 90 days are up.

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