With fewer backup management headaches, the datacenter staff is freed up to work on other business-critical projects.


  • Multiple points of management and multiple backup products were causing management and support headaches.
  • Rising cost of multiple support agreements, multiple back end target devices and servers to support each platform was a strain to the budget.
  • Server-based backups were taking too long. Backup windows were not being met.


Eagle designed a solution that alleviated all of the backup challenges the University was facing. By implementing CommVault; a single, unified software solution, the University was able to centralize the management of their backup platform with a single software support agreement. In addition, Eagle repurposed existing backup storage devices, and added additional, cost-effective storage to eliminate the cost and management overhead of tape. CommVault’s software-based deduplication feature minimized the amount of data transferred. Finally, the solution’s “Synthetic Full” backup feature further reduced the amount of data transferred and the time it took to complete backups.

To complete this solution, Eagle also implemented Eagle Watch level-1 support which provides first level support for their backup environment directly through Eagle’s support team.


  • Reduced support costs: CommVault’s unified backup platform allowed the University to address all of their challenges with a single solution and one single support contract.
  • Reduced storage costs: by minimizing the total amount of data backed up with deduplication and synthetic full capabilities, EAGLE was able to store three times more retention on disk.
  • Backup windows met: by utilizing a single solution and minimizing the amount of data to be backed up, the University has met its backup window requirements.
  • Reclaimed IT resources: by implementing the new single solution, the IT team is freed up to focus on innovation instead of backup problems.

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