Now the customer doesn’t worry about data loss and can focus resources on other IT projects.


  • Existing backup infrastructure was very old and needed to be updated.
  • Backups of remote sites were not occurring regularly.
  • Backup data needed to be replicated to the DR site and between sites in a timely manner.


To better understand the customer’s existing backup challenges, Eagle performed a Backup Assessment on their environment. After analyzing the data from the assessment, Eagle designed a solution that met the company’s business requirements and provided a roadmap for implementation of the solution. By implementing CommVault; a single, unified software solution, the customer was able backup the data from remote sites and present that data back to the corporate office to verify it was secure. In addition, the customer utilized CommVault’s deduplication to speed up local and remote backups. Finally, Eagle designed a strategy that would allow all the different sites to use DASH (deduplication aware secondary copy) copies to store data replicated to a site in another state. To complete this solution, Eagle also implemented Eagle Watch level-1 support which provides first level support for their backup environment directly through Eagle’s support team.


  • Remote backups implemented: by utilizing CommVault backup, data from the remote sites could be backed up and be presented back to the corporate office to verify security.
  • Backup windows met: by utilizing a CommVault’s deduplication local and remote backup processes were much faster and occurred within the backup window.
  • Smaller backup footprint: the total amount of data stored on disk shrunk due to global deduplication and streamlined backups.
  • IT Resources are reclaimed: by implementing the new backup solution, the IT team can now fo cus on innovation instead of backups.

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