What could your company do with $150,000 savings?
A prominent accounting firm headquartered in the Pacific Northwest needed to settle on a single solution to handle their growing backup challenges. Eagle worked with the firm to solve backup issues including cost, management and limited storage space for their business critical data.
Need for Speed
A need for faster computing and additional storage capacity lead a regional banking institution to Eagle for assistance in a storage environment refresh.
Need Someone to Take the Lead on Compliance?
A Fortune 500 company that specializes in commodities and securities trading was required to update its compliance and retention requirements for the Federal Trade Commission. The company's management discovered that their existing strategies did not meet new federal requirements for their industry and turned to Eagle for assistance.
Yes, You Can Have A Single Unified Software Solution…
A leading University in the Midwest was burdened with backup challenges. Issues around the management cost and resources needed to protect the University's growing critical data were becoming a challenge and concern to the administration.
Backup Problems? We're All Ears.
An agricultural marketing company with locations across North America required a technology upgrade to their existing backup infrastructure. The old solution did not allow for a segment of the company's remote branches to be backed up, and backups were not completing within the company's target backup window.
End users benefit from huge performance boost
Eagle teamed up with Datrium to identify bottlenecks and analyze Mid-Continent's overall storage requirements. They architected a solution that not only solved Mid-Continent's performance issues, but also provided nearly three times the capacity and reduced storage management - all with a cost effective solution.